Freight Express

Afropride Freight Express is like a hungry lion waiting for prey. This means as soon as your hunt starts, the freight company is already waiting to receive the documents and trophies ready to export.

How we handle your trophy

As soon as the hunt is complete, the hunting paperwork is handed over to Afropride Freight Express which checks with the trophy list. The trophies are inspected to see if they have been properly treated by the skinners in camp and further fumigation procedures are conducted. An email is sent to the hunter for final confirmation on the actual trophies to be exported including details of the receiving clearing agents. Once all information is on hand an application is made to Department of Parks and Wildlife Authority for the issuance of the cities export permit. Thereafter a Veterinary permit is applied for. Then a Central Bank Authority Customs Declaration form is applied for through the bank that received the hunting funds. When all is in place a Customs export entry is completed which will allow the exportation of the trophies.

The Logistics

We then liaise with respective airlines depending with destination of the trophies. Once we get freight rates from airlines, we then send the freight invoices to the hunters for them to pay. Please note that Zimbabwe does not have direct routes to most of the destinations so the trophies are routed via our clearing agents partners in South Africa who reroute the trophies on our behalf to a final destination. From Zimbabwe, trophies are mostly uplifted by South African airways, British airways or Emirates. From South Africa, there is a wide range of airlines which mostly carry hunting trophies. Mostly trophies will be directed to the hunter’s clearing agent but some do clear directly for themselves. Once all done, air waybills are sent out which will give arrival times of the trophies to final destination. Tracking references are also availed such that the client is aware of the movement of the trophies and is advised as soon as it reaches the destination. The process from time Afropride Freight Express receive documents to time trophies reaches the destination is about 6 weeks.

Your Preparation

For easy of our clients, we encourage them to bring along tags or information which have their receiving agents whom we will contact. That will be mostly the phone numbers, emails, and contact persons. They need to give this to the Safari company or even contact us prior to the hunt such that we can advise them to do either before the hunt or just soon after the hunt. For example Cites species like the leopard will need an import permit from the receiving country before exportation so we can always assist in giving correct information for the application of this permit..

Frequently Asked Questions

1How long does it take to ship my trophies?
Between 6 – 8 weeks from last date of hunt.
2Will my trophies will be insured?
Yes at the insurer’s rate
3Are you able to deliver my trophies at my door-step?
yes at the agreed rate