Hunting Safaris


Afropride Safaris prides itself in being one of the best companies which strives to help in wildlife conservation.

Afropride and the community

We are one of the best companies which strive to help in wildlife conservation by managing human and wildlife conflict in communal areas while at the same time making sure that communities living adjacent to wildlife areas derive value from these wildlife resources. Communities should be able to live in harmony with nature through the sustainable use of the nature around them. It is this sustainable use that governs and directs the operations of Afropride safaris. If you book a hunt with us, you are not buying a hunt but you become our partner in the sustainable use of our wildlife. We pride ourselves in operating in a communal land( Campfire areas) because we believe that is where the greater need for the wise use of our wildlife is needed. Communities need to derive the value of our wildlife and at the same time managing the wildlife populations in those areas such that they do not destroy the eco-systems but at the same time not becoming extinct for the benefit of our future generations. Proceeds of your hunt go towards anti-poaching activities( thus employment of game scouts), communal infrastructural development (maintenance of roads, schools, clinics, communal recreational facilities, play grounds, kindergarten centers etc. Meat from your hunt is given to communities which form a vital source of protein for the rural populace.

Our Most preferred camp is situated along the famous Sandy Ume river where you can enjoy a cool breeze and breathtaking walk or rest on the slow flowing waters. Along this river, you can have an encounter with animals taking water and you can pick a fresh spoor of the trophy of your choice which becomes easier to track.
Our Ume river camp is a home not far away from home. Our chalets are tucked just on the riverbank of the ume river under big Albida trees which provides a cooling shade throughout the season. The chalets are grass thatched and ensuite with hot shower. The camp is electrified through solar system and there is always a generator on standby.

In the evenings you can enjoy yourself under a bone fire listening to night-birds singing and animals drinking water by the river which is less than 50 meters away.

When coming to hunt with us just bring your special rifle and ammo, binos, night vision, camera, your normal hunting gear. Sun cream, insect repellant. If you can't bring your rifle, no worries we have some .375 rifles for hire.

We have a full compliment of staff from Professional hunter, chefs, waiters, skinners, trackers, laundry etc so everything will be at your disposal. Most local beverages, beers, and wines are available but if you have your special beer, wine or whiskey you may need to bring a bottle or two as we may not have in Zimbabwe.


Besides hunting you can take a break and make a tour of the villages that is learning the rural culture of Zimbabweans. You can visit the chiefs, village heads, schools, clinics etc. You can just drive around the concession taking a look at some of the natural springs and climb some of the hills and enjoy the landscape. Besides you can take an afternoon break underneath the Albida trees shade. Walk along the sandy Ume river cooling your feet in the slow shallow flowing waters. Enjoy some braai, snacks and your beer or bottle of wine/ whiskey by the fireplace. Alternatively, we can arrange a transfer for you after the hunt to go and see the majestic Victoria falls.

Available Trophies

We have elephant bulls, elephant tuskless, buffalo, leopard, kudu, waterbuck, bush buck, impala, warthog, hyena, klipspringer, civet, sable, eland, genet, grysbok , birds, etc.